Joy King: Biography by AVN (Unsung Pornstars)

Joy King is an actress and writer, known for Porn: Business of Pleasure (2009), Risky Business: A Look Inside America's Adult Film Industry (2013) and Ricky 1 (1988).

Joy King is VP of Special Projects for Wicked Pictures, Inc. 

An accomplished veteran in adult entertainment media before joining Wicked Pictures in 1995, Joy King is known for her central role in promoting and establishing Jenna Jameson as one of the most recognizable names in the adult industry. Her association with the porn actress led to several television interviews and news articles showcasing her professionalism.

In 2000, Joy King made a brief appearance for E! Entertainment’s Wild On: Sunset Strip, talking about the adult industry. 

In 2003, Diane Sawyer interviewed Joy King on an ABC PrimeTime Live report entitled Young Women, Porn, and Profits: Corporate America’s Secret Affair, where she spoke about the mainstreaming of adult content. 

With the 2004 launch of the best-selling autobiography, How to Make Love Like a Porn Star, Jenna Jameson credits Joy King as an influential figure in her rise to fame. 

For the book, Naked Ambition: Women Who Are Changing Pornography, Joy King contributed a personal essay she wrote relating a feminine perspective on the adult industry from a career experience spanning two decades. 

In 2006, Joy King and Wicked Pictures contract porn actress Jessica Drake appeared as guests on AMC’s Sunday Morning Shootout. 

In May 2007, Playgirl magazine wrote a featured article profiling top female adult industry executives, naming her alongside Theresa Flynt and Marci Hirsch, from which it states her insightful perspective and expertise on issues dealing with the adult industry such as the topic of feminism. 

In June 2007, Joy King joined the Free Speech Coalition (FSC) Board of Directors.

Joy King: Biography by AVN (Unsung Pornstars)
Joy King: Unsung Pornstars

Erica Ellyson Penthouse Pet of the Year 2008

Is there anything sweeter than a gorgeous girl with a Southern accent? Hell no! We were drawn like bees to honey to Erica Ellyson's Mississippi drawl and killer looks when she was our January 2007 Pet of the Month, and we obviously werent alone.

We enjoyed our year with her and happy to have had Erica Ellyson as our Penthouse Pet of the Year 2008. Erica is currently enjoying success on Ryan Seacrests newest reality show, Mommas Boy on NBC.

Erica Ellyson Bikini by Twistys

Enjoy the sample gallery below featuring some of the Erica Ellyson photo sets available on

Erica Ellyson by Penthouse

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Kenzie Taylor Joins Crush Girls Network

Crush Media announced today that adult performer Kenzie Taylor has agreed to sign on with the Crush Girls Network.

Taylor follows Romi Rain, Briana Banks, Brett Rossi, Jessa Rhodes, Peta Jensen, Ryan Riesling and Summer Brielle, becoming the eighth starlet to sign with the network.

“Since she started in this industry, Kenzie has been busy building her brand, including her #KenzieFrenzy fanbase,” says Crush Media President JC. “It was time for her to take the steps necessary to begin setting up her own site. We are so happy that she has chosen Crush Girls to help her start on this journey.”

“She is ambitious and a goal setter who tends to take the time to focus on nailing everything she puts her mind to,” JC noted. “We have no doubts this will be any different.”

Taylor, a former hospice nurse, made the transition to the adult industry two years ago. She has appeared in more than 68 videos and won an award for NightMoves 2016 Best New Starlet.

"It has been a long time coming, and I am really excited to be signed with Crush Girls,” Taylor said. “I have so many things I want my fans to see on my website and Crush Girls allows me to customize everything the way I actually want it.”

Taylor says she can't wait for to launch so “everyone can enjoy my content as much as I enjoyed creating it."

The Crush Girls network debuted in April 2016 with the launch of

For more information on Crush Media, visit or follow on Twitter: @CrushGirlsXXX. Affiliates who wish to promote Crush Girls sites can visit

Kenzie Taylor Joins Crush Girls Network
Kenzie Taylor by Digital Playground

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Pamela Anderson luce una sensacional lencería negra para Coco De Mer con 49 años (Gallery)

La actriz y modelo posa para Coco De Mer a los 49 años.

A punto de cumplir 50 años Pamela Anderson, quien saltó a la fama por la popular serie de los noventa Los vigilantes de la playa, muestra que sigue teniendo un físico despampanante.

La marca de lencería inglesa, Coco de Mer, eligió a Anderson para que ser la imagen visible de su nueva colección de lencería erótica llamada Icons, inspirada en figuras clásicas de la sensualidad como Marilyn Monroe y Brigitte Bardot. Dada la exuberancia física y la sensualidad de Pamela Anderson, no sorprende que hayan elegido a la estrella para protagonizarla. Y qué estupenda que aparece.

Pamela Anderson Black Lingerie 2017

Las imágenes son obra de John Rankin, quien había fotografiado con anterioridad a  celebridades como Kate Moss y Madonna. El fotógrafo ha comentado que fue un privilegio contar con Anderson.

Cabello mojado, tacones altísimos y un sujetador que rememora la cultura BDSM, así se aparece Pamela Anderson en las fotografías.

"La lencería no tiene que necesariamente ser vista por otra persona para que te sientas sexy y femenina. Yo visto estas prendas para mí, pero si alguien las ve, es un 'bonus'", comentaba ella tras el lanzamiento.

Para la misma marca de lencería británica, Pamela Anderson había protagonizado un auncio erótico a primeros de año.

Pamela Anderson Black Lingerie 2017

Pamela Anderson Black Lingerie 2017

Pamela Anderson Black Lingerie 2017

Pamela Anderson Black Lingerie 2017

Pamela Anderson Black Lingerie 2017

Pamela Anderson Black Lingerie 2017
.Pamela Anderson: Black Lingerie 2017

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Georgia Jones - Interview by Fleshbot (2016)

Georgia Gives Girl/Girl Greatness

Veteran all-girl performer Georgia Jones has been reliably turning out great scenes in her ten years in porn. She stars in Girlfriends Films' "Twisted Passions 19", and chances are, if you are an all-girl fan, you know and love her work.

What kind of girl were you back in high school? Who did you hang out with/date?

"In high school, I had a stunning redhead girlfriend who was my main source of entertainment and socialization. We were very naughty. It was usually just us and our group of close guy friends when we would hang outside of school. We were both cheerleaders, so that came with its own popularity; however she and I didn't really fit in one clique specifically. We were friends with everyone. Drama team, jocks, computer nerds, stoners, etc. We would actually rotate which lunch tables we sat at for the one year I went to public high school before being homeschooled again. That's of course if we weren't skipping lunch/school altogether to go be naughty elsewhere!"

Were you a porn fan before you got into the industry? Who were your favorite porn stars/favorite porn movies?

"Yes. Very much. Some might say it was only a matter of time before I got into porn, even though it didn't occur to me even once that I might actually pursue it (or even have a chance if I did). It literally wasn't even a thought at all.; it wasn't even on my radar. I'm from a very, very, very small town in rural Arkansas, so that kind of thing didn't even occur to me as possible. Yet, I looked at porn about once a week from at least from the age of twelve on...sometimes more, sometimes less. My fave website was Kate's Playground. Once I was of age to actually buy my own porn, go to adult DVD stores, etc. (or of age to at least look like my fake IDs), I fell in love with Jesse Jane. She was on basically every magazine cover at the time and she looked like the ultimate Goddess."

Georgia Jones Pornstar Interview by Fleshbot (2016)
Georgia Jones

How did you become a porn performer? What led you down that career path?

"Funny enough, I was dancing at a strip club in Tulsa, Oklahoma when Girls Gone Wild came through a nearby town. A girl was in the club with me and asked if I wanted to go check it out, and so we did. When we got there the cameras were all over us. She got shy and left but I stayed and they ended up paying me cash right then and there for my very first on-camera sex act. It was just a solo scene but it was so easy and I was naturally into it. They didn't need to direct me at all; I had it down. That was ten years ago last month.

Then, a month later they called me and asked if I wanted to go to Joe Francis' house in Mexico to shoot a commercial but I then they asked if I would rather go to the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas the next month and work as a booth babe for an electronics company that was licensing GGW to sell some of their cameras (which would later become the Flip camera). I accepted. I had an incredibly glamorous one-week stay in Vegas, being a booth babe at CES which at the time was running simultaneously with AEE/AVN. On the last day after work, I was walking around the Venetian when an older man with a long gray ponytail, Ray-bans, and loafers walked up to me at a coffee shop and asked 'How would you like to be on the cover of Penthouse?'

Even then, I still had no clue what I was capable of, much less even what was right within my reach. I absolutely one hundred percent thought he was joking. I laughed, took his card, and went back to pack. I got on my flight and headed home. I landed in Denver and found out the blizzards were so bad that there wasn't going to be any flights coming or going back to Oklahoma (or anywhere else around there) for the next week and everyone was gonna have to sleep at the airport. I had no money on me, and only a little left on my card so I was starting to get nervous...desperate even. I was digging around in my laptop bag for basically anything to cure my boredom/anxiety when I came across his card.

I called him, and he said take the same flight I was just on, but back the other way. And so I did. I landed back in Vegas. He picked me up and he, myself, and the other two models with him that trip drove back to L.A. I stayed with them for that week, met directors and photographers of all kinds. And then when the blizzard was finally done, I flew back home to Tulsa, packed up all my shit, and moved out here a week later. That was ten years ago. I still love it more and more every day."

What/who do you want to do on-camera that you haven’t done yet?

"Skin Diamond, for sure and Riley Reid. She's so hot! I actually have a gigantic 'to-do' list but those two are like number ones so we'll just leave it at that."

Who is your favorite performer to work with so far and why?

"Faye Reagan but everyone already knows that! She was my girlfriend for the first four years of my career so I'm biased."

You seem to really love your fans and respond to them a lot on Twitter. Tell me how having this fan base has changed your life.

"Holy shit, I'm absolutely clueless as to how I would get on with my day to day without my fans!!!! They are truly some of my best friends and interactions I have! They make me laugh when I'm mad, smile when I'm down, and they give me endless, unconditional love and support! I have fans from all over the planet, and from all walks and generations of life! They really make me feel like the luckiest girl in the world on a regular basis! It's not just the handwritten notes or video montage Christmas cards with all of them from all over the world or even the gifts they's the memories we've shared and the laughs we all get from each other! It's the moments when they remind me of something that happened seven or eight years ago and it feels like we've been friends for eternity! They are, every day, such a huge part of my life that I love and cherish."

What’s your favorite position to get fucked in and why does it get you off?

"I'm a giver, but that means when I'm receiving, it's pretty hard for me to get off if I'm concentrating on making my partner cum at the same time so I suppose I'm pretty specific in that sense. I like to take turns working each other over in whatever position! As long as it's not 69...I hate 69...for obvious reasons stated above. LOL ;)"

What have you most learned about yourself so far from your time in porn?

"I've learned basically everything about myself in porn. I started when I was 18 and I'm now 28. Most of my 'growing up' years were done right here. And let me tell ya, porn will make you grow up REAL fast! I became a woman overnight. I guess the thing that resonates the most would be learning that I'm a pretty strong woman. I may have my weaknesses like everyone else, but it does take a very strong person, physically, emotionally and mentally, to continue doing this job longer than the initial one year. Nine years later and nothing phases me...LOL. Love this gig."

What fetishes do you have that you think that your fans would be surprised by?

"You know, this is actually a pretty hard question because I can't really think of one thing in particular that I would consider a fetish. My tastes in porn change all the time but I've noticed recently that they seem to get more 'vanilla' as time goes on. I used to be into pretty extreme stuff, but as time goes on, I've backtracked completely. Nowadays, I find myself simply staring at the same pic of a model for days - weeks, even."

What are the best things about being a porn star?

"Total, complete freedom. Hands down! If I want to take a couple of months off to travel the world, SO BE IT! Y'all will still be here cluckin' away when I get back! Same goes for illness! If I'm sick, I can set my schedule to take a couple weeks off to basically do nothing except rest and get better. I answer to no one except myself so I'm free to do as I choose, when & how I choose. If I know that I have severe PMS and am basically useless for seven to ten days out of every be it! Set my schedule, curl into the fetal position and forget life! It's literally the best thing ever and I haven't a single clue how people do it otherwise! I'm completely spoiled by this job!"

What did you think would be true about being in porn before you performed that you have since found out just isn't true?

"Being filthy rich LOL...I don't know why people think we make so much money when we really don't. A lot of the money we make goes right back into making more. Maintaining perfect hair, skin, and nails is expensive as fuck! And let's not even talk wardrobe! How many times can you shoot in the same outfits before you're no longer hired anymore? About five times....LOL. Plus, L.A. is really spread out. Transportation is also expensive. Testing is expensive, about $200 every two weeks. Same for nails, skin, and hair, too so that's about $800 I'm spending a month on literally just maintaining my ability to be an adult actress. And that's the bare much else that goes into it. Yikes!"

What are your “must-own” DVDs that you think your fans should see?

"'Faye N' Georgia's 21st Birthday Bash', 'The Georgia Jones Experience','Poor Little Shyla' was also hilarious...Faye and I made a pretty wicked team!"

Who are your role models in porn and how/why do they inspire you?

"I love Julia Ann. Her passion for this industry is so inspiring! I also love her new website she started that is appealing to more women than the typical shot-for-men standard...we need more of that! I also really love Dana Vespoli! She seems to me as one of the most authentic people I've met in this business. I love how she flips back and forth from performer to director/producer so easily.

There aren't that many lesbian performers that have stuck it out as long as I have...or at least without converting into mainstream porn. So I guess I'll say myself as well. Times when I'm feeling 'uninspired', I'll look back over previous highs and lows in my career and remember what it takes to have this kind of endurance and strength - to give one specific area (girl/girl) my all."

What do you most want to do with your career over time?

"When I started, lesbian porn received very little recognition and I've always been a huge advocate of people seeing lesbian porn as 'real porn.' Finally, we have several of our own awards at the shows...finally, we have huge companies making lesbian-only features...finally, we have a huge market for lesbian-only girls to work regularly and do nothing else, and still get by. More and more are starting to come and take up this position. I love it! I guess what I would like to do now is just build up my new website ( into somewhat of a pretty well-known site/studio. I'd like to start releasing some of my scenes into actual DVDs! That would be great!"

What is the best mainstream movie you have seen recently?

"Recently? Shit...I can't even tell you the last movie I watched - good or bad! Such is the life of a busy, boss lady porn chick!

How about the best porno movie? Is there someone whose movies you like to watch who is working now?

"Angela White's movies are phenomenal. I just worked with her recently and after talking to her about them, I love her even more! Hard working woman and it pays off and really shows in the quality! She's great...also, anything by my friend Greg Lansky! I really wish he would start a lesbian site! The demand is high, Greg, chop fuckin' chop!"

Are you into toys to get yourself off alone or are you a low-tech woman?

"Hi-tech fo sho! Love vibrators! They make the single life oh-so-appealing! Worth every penny to live alone when you have lots of vibes at your disposal. ;)"

If you could fuck any celebrity, who would it be? Give us your male and female choices.

"Oh answer is I'm not answering this one. LOLLLLL I've basically slept with everyone on my original list so there's no point in coughing it up now! I'm not one to kiss and tell anyway...I know that's hard for people to understand seeing as though I'm in porn. Welcome to the paradox that is me.

Well, there's one I'd still like to fuck or fuck again because she fell asleep. But hey, whatevs...still counts."

What is coming up for you?

"The one year anniversary of launching my official site!!! Yayyyyyyyyyy, it's my baby! I love it so much! I get such a thrill from it!! I'm planning on releasing my first anal scene to coincide with the anniversary!

Anal solo, and then anal G/G!"

Is there anything you want to say to your fans here at Fleshbot?

"I owe everything I've done in my career to my fans! Thank you for always requesting me and buying my porn! Thank you for giving me a job that lets me truly be myself! I couldn't and wouldn't do it without y'all! Mwah!!"

Georgia Jones Pornstar Interview by Fleshbot (2016)
Georgia Jones: Interview by Fleshbot (2016)

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Kristen Scott - GOTY Girlsway Girl of the Month May 2017

Height: 5'2"
Weight: 100
Bra Size: 34A
Measurement: 34A-22-32
Hair Color: Brown
Zodiac: Pisces
Hobbies: Singing, hiking, traveling, snowboarding
Date of Birth: 1995-03-13
Best Known For: Intense shaking orgasms
Favorite Body Part: Lips/Booty

Girl of the Month May 2017.

Kristen Scott's Biography:

Kristen Scott has always been a sexually active person, ever since growing up by the beach and riding the surf. With an ever-evolving list of fetishes and kinks to explore, she loves trying new partners and discovering new ways to get them, and herself, off. Her ultimate lesbian fantasy is being tied up and pleasured by multiple beautiful women, then untied so she can make them cum. Her biggest peeves are a tongue in her ear, and a finger in her belly button. But clit stimulation combined with eye contact makes her cum right away. Kristen goes wild for an older or more experienced woman who can dominate her, but she also loves holding open the legs of a submissive woman while she watches and feels her cum. Kristen's favorite reads include The Power of Now and Odd Girl Out, and she's a big fan of the Coen brothers.

Kristen Scott GOTY Girlsway Girl of the Month May 2017
Kristen Scott: GOTY Girlsway Girl of the Month May 2017

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About That Kush Life: Veronica Rodriguez, Misty Stone and Jenna Sativa

Today's 420-friendly gallery, featuring outtakes of AVN's December cover shoot, features clothing and other gear sold by Kush Life. Read more about the company below.
Some adult industry veterans may know the founder and CEO of Kush Life, Onky Chhieng, by his former porn persona Big Bad Onxxx.
Chhieng worked in adult entertainment from 2000-2006, shooting on-set videos, editing and directing for the legendary Suze Randall.
About That Kush Life: Veronica Rodriguez, Misty Stone and Jenna Sativa

“I started shooting behind the scenes and building content for her site,” Chhieng recalled. “When I left the porn I knew I could do something more and I took what I did and started Kush TV.”
Kush TV encompassed all the things Chhieng was interested in, such as art, music, skateboarding and, of course, weed. The hustlin’ entrepreneur sold Kush TV in 2009 for a seven-figure sum, setting him up to pursue other ventures such as event production, clothing design and retail ownership.
“Back then what I was doing was ahead of its time. Now the internet is ready for all this original content, especially about the marijuana industry. Not just the industry, the lifestyle and people that smoke,” Chhieng said.
“And it’s not just sick people, not just rappers, not just models, not just doctors ... it's everyone pretty much. Now that it's recreational in California more people are open to it.”
And now four years into running his edgy clothing brand, Kush Life, Chhieng has built a loyal following that rocks his T-shirts and his parties.
About That Kush Life: Veronica Rodriguez, Misty Stone and Jenna Sativa

“I have the clothing line and then I have the bongs... the glass... and that's another industry. And I do events,” said Chhieng, who also owns and operates the Green Tree collective in East L.A. “I had a Halloween party and we had like 500 people come. It was my fourth Halloween party. It was at a club right here in Lincoln Heights called The Airliner.”
Chhieng’s Kush Life recently supplied the clothing and accessories for the AVN December cover shoot; the theme was the pot and porn connection (click here to read the article). Adult stars Veronica Rodriguez, Misty Stone and Jenna Sativa donned Kush Life threads for a series of sexy photos by photographer Jay Allan at a private residence in Los Angeles. For Chhieng, hooking up the girls with his 420-inspired gear was a natural.
“Everybody knows they’re about that life,” he said. “My stuff is more of like an underground thing. I’m not trying to go mainstream, I don’t care if high school kids wear my clothes. That’s how you get rich. This is something that’s just a part of me. I’d be doing it whether I make money or not.”
Chhieng is still making videos, too. He captured some footage at the cover shoot for a new project in the works called “Kush Life Honeys.”
“It’s going to be a bunch of hot sexy girls who just smoke,” he said.
About That Kush Life: Veronica Rodriguez, Misty Stone and Jenna Sativa

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Sydney Cole: Treat of the Month February 2017

Sydney Cole: Treat of the Month February 2017

Twistys prides itself on having The hottest babes on earth. We strive to make you happy by featuring models who we know will appeal to you our fans and members. That's why, when we find a babe who has what our members enjoy, we make them our official Twistys Treat of the Month.

That means that for the entire month you can find our exclusive Twistys Treat of the Month in brand new exclusive photo shoots and video shoots, downloadable wallpaper, a personal bio and an exclusive interview. It's our way of treating you, our members and fans, to something extremely special.

Sydney Cole Treat of the Month February 2017
Sydney Cole Treat of the Month February 2017


Sydney Cole was born in the United States on November 2, 1995. She is of Caucasian descent. She is petite at 5'1". Sydney Cole is skinny and weighs 103 lbs. She has a great pair of nice round 32B boobs as well. Sydney Cole has amazing brown hair too. She is a pornstar and does both hardcore boy-girl scenes and solo shoots. Sydney Cole is ranked number 621 on Barelist and was added on Monday, March 2, 2015. Feel free to check out the 64 galleries we have of Sydney Cole, including 20 video clips and 44 picture sets.

Also Known As:
No Other Aliases

San Francisco, California, United States 


5' 2" 



B cup

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Blair Williams - Treat of the Month March 2017

Blair Williams: Treat of the Month March 2017

Twistys prides itself on having The hottest babes on earth. We strive to make you happy by featuring models who we know will appeal to you our fans and members. That's why, when we find a babe who has what our members enjoy, we make them our official Twistys Treat of the Month.

That means that for the entire month you can find our exclusive Twistys Treat of the Month in brand new exclusive photo shoots and video shoots, downloadable wallpaper, a personal bio and an exclusive interview. It's our way of treating you, our members and fans, to something extremely special.

Blair Williams Treat of the Month March 2017
Blair Williams Treat of the Month March 2017

Blair Williams.

Also Known As:

No Other Aliases

Loma Linda, California, United States


5' 9"



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Exxxotica Denver 2017

Exxxotica came to the Denver area for the first time, and my memory of it is already hazy. Porn stars galore descended near the capital of Colorado with the perk of THC being legal at least statewise.

The best thing about Exxxoticas is how accessible the porn stars with their fans at least in terms of getting to meet them. Unlike AVN Expos where you have long lines and suffocating crowds, you can meet your favourite stars within a wait of about 1-10 minutes. The crowds were not overwhelming, and there was a fair representation of men and women.

Jenna Haze - Exxxotica Denver 2017
Jenna Haze: Exxxotica Denver 2017

The show was dominated by the two major webcam companies, MyFreeCams and Chaturbate. Their cam girls were not accessible to the fans as much given their focus on the webcams on their computers and relative inexperience in greeting their fans in person. However, I make it a point to meet them as several may be the porn stars of tomorrow.

Jelena Jensen - Exxxotica Denver 2017
Jelena Jensen: Exxxotica Denver 2017

The nightlife was more mellow with the best parties being in the middle of the host hotel or the rooms upstairs. Security was tight checking to making sure that does who belonged at the hotel or had a ticket were let in.

Adriana Chechik: Exxxotica Denver 2017
Adriana Chechik: Exxxotica Denver 2017


  • Yes, there was a lot of weed. I didn’t have to find a dispensary to obtain any since people were freely offering and sharing.
  • Meeting pets of the girls are always fun although you wonder if it’s appropriate that they should be in high stimulus environments with blasting music and crowds.
  • Seeing Jenna Haze again was a nice blast from the past. She is planning to do a final dance tour as goodwill for her fans as she transitions into a new career. Given that she was the first porn star I met at my first porn convention, I recognised my own convention mortality.
  • The most popular girls seem to be Adriana ChechikAbella Danger, and Phoenix Marie.
  • I met Giselle Palmer again since AVN. Her beauty leaves me speechless.

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"After Porn Ends 2" Documentary Screening

Porn legends flocked to the Writers Guild Theater in Beverly Hills on March 23 for a screening of After Porn Ends 2. The documentary, which follows the lives of former adult stars, was directed by Bryce Wagoner, and many of the participants were at the screening, including Lisa Ann, Chasey Lain, Janine Lindemulder, Ginger Lynn, Darren James, Johnnie Keyes and Herschel Savage. Many other adult luminaries were in attendance, including Mary Carey, Rob Spallone, Brittany Andrews and Melissa Hill. "After Porn Ends 2" is now available on Amazon, Netflix DVD and iTunes, as well as video-on-demand.

"After Porn Ends 2" Documentary Screening

"After Porn Ends 2" Documentary Screening

"After Porn Ends 2" Documentary Screening

"After Porn Ends 2" Documentary Screening

"After Porn Ends 2" Documentary Screening

"After Porn Ends 2" Documentary Screening

"After Porn Ends 2" Documentary Screening

"After Porn Ends 2" Documentary Screening

"After Porn Ends 2" Documentary Screening

"After Porn Ends 2" Documentary Screening

"After Porn Ends 2" Documentary Screening

"After Porn Ends 2" Documentary Screening

Kate England - Girl of the Week by All Adult Network

This week we present another one of the newer faces in porn. She is a personality plus 22 year old, 5’ 5”, blue eye blonde from a small town in Pennsylvania. Her name is Kate England.

Kate was born on May 26, 1993 and raised in Pennsylvania doing all her schooling there as well. Because it was a small town her high school didn’t a large amount of students. So there were no secrets in this small town. She was a straight A student, played volleyball and involved in running her high school yearbook club.

While she was in high school Kate enjoyed experimenting sexually with both the boys and girls. She found out how both sexes were enjoyable and began to gain quite a following. While she was working at a local fast food place a lot of the guys would come by the drive thru window just to ask her out to parties.

After high school, Kate began working at a strip club that had “swinger’s nights”  a few times a month. There would often be group sex taking place and Kate learned a lot about the performing nature of sex shows. With all this information plus her own good looks and figure it made her a natural for webcamming.

Kate moved to Florida to go to college and worked in a hospital as an X-ray technician and doing webcam shows on the side. An agent saw her cam work and got in touch with her to offer her roles in adult films. Kate jumped at the opportunity and picked up and moved down to Miami and began shooting porn.

That was just last year in 2015 and in that time she has shot about 60 hardcore scenes. She has appeared in productions for some of the top studios like Evil Angel, Diabolic, Dark X, Jules Jordan, Elegant Angel, Kelly Madison,  Naughty America,, Girlsway and others. She is openly bi sexual, enjoy anal and interracial among many other forms of sexual pleasure.

If you have not had the pleasure and enjoyment of seeing this talented newcomer to adult I suggest you check out a few of her latest DVDs. There is “Naughty Rich Girls 14” for Naughty America, “Anal is My Business 2” for LeWood/Evil Angel, “She Likes it Hard” New Sensations and just released  “Interracial Threesomes 3” for

This is a young lady who you will be hearing a lot from and seeing in the future. She has talent, personality and looks to have a very bright future in adult. I am very pleased to have Kate England as my “Girl of the Week” here on AAN.

Kate England Girl of the Week by All Adult Network
Kate England: Girl of the Week by All Adult Network

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Feminal Files | font: All Adult Network | Date: 02/05/2016